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Feb 20 2015

Why You Should Get Snow Boots On and Go Out To Eat With Your Family Tonight


Growing up in the restaurant business, I saw first hand what it takes to make sure a restaurant was “open for business,” regardless of what mother nature had to say. Working on little sleep just to make sure the kitchen was open. There were hourly workers that depend on that day’s wages and tips to pay the bills. But without customers, restaurants cannot survive. They simply can’t.

Yes, we are all DONE with winter – the streets choked with snow, the horrific commute, ice dams, school and work closures. But restaurants owners, chefs and servers are making sure it’s “business as usual.” But artic temps and parking bans are keeping people away and businesses are taking a big hit. Which is why local restaurants are banding together to do what they can to entice us to buck up and eat out again.

So let’s all come together and support our local restaurants and other retailers. Check out #DigOutDineOut for some pretty amazing dining deals – making it that much more enticing to check out some new restaurants or visit some neighborhood favorites. Some recent deals:

We’re all a little cranky, probably from feeling tired of cooking and kids going bananas indoors. So slap on some snow boots and dine out with your family tonight (or this weekend). Parking bans are lifted. Restaurants and staff are going out of their way to welcome customers (code: super kid-friendly). Great food and drink deals. It’s win-win (and yum-yum).



Feb 6 2015

Mom Friends Matter Because Getting Out of the House Is Serious Business

If you have kids, you’ve more than likely had one of those days where getting out of the house seemed

like it would be the easiest thing in the world. Everyone is behaving, already dressed, and amenable to the idea of actually leaving the house. Maybe you’re still riding high on last week’s successful outing, and so you pick a destination a little more ambitious than the playground. Like a restaurant that doesn’t automatically hand your kids a couple of coloring sheets. After all, what could go wrong?

Except everything!

Mere hours later you feel like the worst mom in the world because you were “that mom” – the one with the screaming baby or the toddler tossing food or the big kid who decided to throw a tantrum. So you pile back into the car and vow, not so silently, that you’re not leaving the house again until it’s time to drop off the kids at college — a logical response to a failed family outing. Except not only do kids need to get out into the world now and then to experience community life, but moms like you do, too. Social stimulation is good for all ages.

So what do you do? You say no to going it alone! You call on your mom friends. You start issuing invites. And suddenly it all gets so much easier.

Sharing outings means sharing the responsibility. It means someone to help with the coat buttons and to watch your kiddos when nature calls so a trip to the bathroom doesn’t have to be a spectator sport.

Mom friends take some of the pressure off of you to be a perfect mom in public, too. The glares from judgmental strangers who think children should be seen and not heard can’t wither you when you have a supportive mom friend at your side. When she can help, she helps. And when she can’t, she commiserates.

Maybe you haven’t ever thought about how powerful an extra set of hands can be when you’re dining out – even when the kids outnumber the grownups. Friends in general are great but only mom friends really understand how hard it can be to give one kid the attention she needs while making sure the other doesn’t run straight into traffic.

Getting out of the house is important, and yes, hard sometimes, but even the most ambitious plans are doable when you have your mom friends at your side.

Christa Terry is mom to two rather small but incredibly loud humans and is also one of the founders of Mom Meet Mom, a desktop app that helps mom friends meet. She blogs at Hello, Mamas! (pro) and I Know How Babby Is Formed (personal) when she’s not otherwise busy making working motherhood look easy. She can also tap dance and speak German, which she’d like to believe makes her sound interesting but probably just makes her sound weird. (photo credit: Mom Meet Mom)