Jan 30 2016

Babysitter-Worthy Restaurants For Your Next Date Night

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While we at KidNosh encourage parents to go out to eat with their kids, we know it’s just as important to leave the kids home with a sitter and go out alone as grownups from time to time. While some couples schedule “date night” as regular as once a week, many parents get a night out on the town alone only a rare occasion. So whether it’s your weekly night out or annual Valentine’s Day Dinner, here are some of our new favorite babysitter-worthy restaurants for your next date night.

Cheap Eats

You’re already springing for a sitter (or calling in a favor from a friend or family member), here are some grown-up places that can be gentler on your wallet:

Trina’s Starlight Lounge – This not-so-divey-dive-bar is the place to be for chicken and waffles and inventive cocktails like the “rocking chair” (black tea-infused bonded bourbon, ginger cognac, lemon). Don’t let the outside fool you. Trina’s is serving up sophisticated fare with a fun, assuming vibe.

Audubon – Fenway & KidNosh favorite Audubon Circle is recently under new ownership (by our other cheap eats fave, Trina’s). Loyal Audubon Circle customers will be happy to see a lot of things haven’t changed, other than a reboot to it’s crowd-pleasing menu.


No Reservations

Suddenly find yourself kid-free for the night? Check out these date-night faves that don’t require a reservation (just be prepared to hang at the bar until your table is ready):

Dali Dali has become an institution in this corner of Camberville thanks to delicious spanish tapas, sangria that goes down way too easy, and ultra romantic vibe.

Neptune Oyster This tiny North End spot has people coming in droves for their seafood and lobsters rolls (not an easy feat in a city known for its seafood). Oh, and of course, raw oysters.



Whether it’s a special occasion or your motto is “go big or go home,” here are some top Boston-area restaurants worthy of a big splurge:

Menton – Quite possibly one of Boston’s most refined dining experience, Chef Barbara Lynch’s Fort Point destination is on most food-obsessed’s “bucket list”. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience.

O YaRanked as one of the top restaurants in Boston – and one of the most expensive – it’s no wonder diners exclaim “o ya” after eating award-winning sushi at this hidden gem in the Leather District.

For other date night restaurant ideas, check out our Best Date Night Restaurants here.

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